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Launch Day!

It's Launch Day!

It’s Launch Day!


Wooo! We’ve done it! Welcome to momomints.com. Today is our official launch day. We’re now open for orders, comments, Twitter follows, Facebook likes and shares, Instagram sharing, #momomints hashtagging and whatever it is you wanna do!

*** Update *** Ordering and Shipment is now Available to everyone in North America. If you have questions, see our Support Page.

NOTE: As we are just starting out and hoping to accommodate for Christmas orders, we are taking local orders within Vancouver, BC and surrounding areas only. Payments are organized after checkout, as we will contact you about pick-up or in person delivery options. Orders will be ready and delivered within 2 weeks.

Thank you for dropping by, and we do hope you support us =) . We’ve got more to come!!!

Have a peachy day, (and shop shop shop!)
– M & S

  • Matcha

    Congratulations! This looks great!