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Amigurumi Sheep Free Pattern

momomints' Facebook Preview of our New Amigurumi Sheep

momomints’ Facebook Preview of our New Amigurumi Sheep

*UPDATE* We now have DIY Amigurumi Sheep Kits for sale on our Etsy Store: Momomints Etsy Shop! Read about them here.

Last week we posted a little teaser pic of our new amigurumi sheep stuffed toy. Delighted with the positive responses and anticipation received from our post on Instagram and Facebook, we decided to release it sooner! We love how they turned out and couldn’t wait to share this special product release. Please meet Fluufie, our super fluffy and soft amigurumi sheep!

Introducing Fluufie the Amigurumi Sheep

Introducing Fluufie the Amigurumi Sheep

Fluufie is extra special because now you can make your own by following our first ever FREE PATTERN!  We have such high respect for our fellow crafters who provide patterns. These definitely take a lot of hard work and time to write, but we really wanted to show our appreciation to all of our fans who have been requesting and anticipating a momomints amigurumi pattern. Please see below for the complete Fluufie the sheep pattern:


Fluufie the Sheep – An amigurumi pattern
for one cozy fluffy sheep

Meet Fluufie, momomints' fluffy amigurumi sheep stuffed toy!

Meet Fluufie, momomints’ fluffy amigurumi sheep stuffed toy!

“Hi I’m Fluufie! I like to graze on fresh meadow grass and enjoy the cool springtime breeze. Continue reading to find out how to make me.”


Free Amigurumi Sheep Pattern Materials and Supplies

Amigurumi Sheep Free Pattern Materials and Supplies

1 skein of eyelash yarn in cream colour  (BERNAT Pipsqueak, Bulky Weight 5)
1 skein of worsted acrylic yarn in soft taupe colour (Loops & Threads, Medium Weight 4)
1 skein of worsted acrylic yarn in mint colour (optional)
H size crochet hook
F size crochet hook
Polyester fiber fill stuffing
A pair of safety eyes
Yarn needle
Ink pad in the colour Pink (optional)
1 jingle bell (optional)


sc = single crochet
st = stitch
rnd = entire round
dec = decrease stitch
inc = increase stitch
(# st) = # number of stitches in the row


In this pattern we use a crocheting technique called the Magic Circle as well as some basic crochet stitches. Please familiarize yourself with these techniques before continuing.  You will also need to already know how to close off amigurumi pieces. There are many crocheting tutorials available on the web and on YouTube that are readily available.  We have listed a few helpful reference links at the end of this pattern.

<Using the cream colour yarn and H size crochet hook>
Magic circle 5 st
Row 1:  inc1 every stitch (10 st)
Row 2:  sc st, inc1. Repeat for rnd (15 st)
Row 3:  2 sc st, inc1. Repeat for rnd (20 st)
Row 4:  3 sc st, inc1. Repeat for rnd (25 st)
Row 5:  4 sc st, inc1. Repeat for rnd (30 st)
Row 6:  5 sc st, inc1. Repeat for rnd (35 st)
Row 7-10:  sc st rnd (35 st)
Row 11:  5 sc st, dec1. Repeat for rnd (30 st)
Row 12:  4 sc st, dec1. Repeat for rnd (25 st)
Row 13:  3 sc st, dec1. Repeat for rnd  (20 st)
Row 14:  2 sc st, dec1. (15 st)

You will notice the body is slowly closing up.  Start filling the body with the polyester fiber fill.  Continue repeating Row 14 and stuffing the body as you go until you close it up.

<Using the tan yarn and F size crochet hook>
Foundation chain 5 st
Row 1:  sc st, sc st rnd the foundation chain (11 st)
Row 2:  inc1, 3 sc st, inc1, sc st remaining (13 st)
Row 3:  inc1, 5 sc st, inc1, sc st remaining (15 st)

<Using the tan yarn and F size crochet hook>
Magic circle 4
Row 1:  sc st, inc1, sc st, inc1 (6 st)
Row 2:  sc st rnd (6 st)

<Using the tan yarn and F size crochet hook>
Magic circle 4

Collar (Optional):
<Using the mint colour yarn and F size crochet hook>
Foundation chain 45 st


Once you have the parts of your sheep all made, it’s time to start assembling.  Attach the safety eyes to the face and using the yarn needle, sew the face onto the long end of the body where you closed it up.  Then attach the legs to the bottom and sew the ears above the face. Optional: Attach the jingle bell to the collar and tie it around the sheep. Then use some pink ink for the blushing cheeks.

You now have completed Fluufie the Sheep!

Fluufie the Amigurumi Sheep Front View

Fluufie the Amigurumi Sheep Front View

Fluufie the Amigurumi Sheep Side View

Fluufie the Amigurumi Sheep Side View

Fluufie the Amigurumi Sheep Side View

Fluufie the Amigurumi Sheep Side View

Fluufie the Amigurumi Sheep Back View

Fluufie the Amigurumi Sheep Back View

Fluufie the Amigurumi Sheep Couple

Fluufie the Amigurumi Sheep Couple

Tips & Tricks

  • Use a slightly bigger crochet hook when working with the fluffy yarn because it’ll be easier to see and feel where to place your stitches.
  • Try practicing with worsted acrylic yarn first to get a feel for the pattern before using the fluffy yarn.
  • The body of the sheep will expand a lot when stuffing.
  • Try using different colours and yarn weights to achieve different looks.

Helpful References

Amigurumi for Beginners:  http://www.allaboutami.com/tips
Lotsa helpful tips and tricks all organized in one place by our friend and fellow amigurumi enthusiast Stephanie of AllAboutAmi.  And while you’re there check out here awesome and cute amigurumi/crochet creations!

Amigurumi for Beginners videos:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEzxrs–gHA
Andrea Lemire from Lion Brand Yarn Studio explains what is amigurumi and how to get started.  A very helpful video providing tips and tricks along the way.

This free pattern is for personal use only. Please do not sell completed work using this pattern or distribute this pattern for sale. If you would like to repost  this pattern please reference and cite momomints as the original source, linking back to this post.  Thank you!

We hope you enjoy our free pattern and our newest amigurumi creation to the momomints family! Crocheting isn’t your thing? You can also purchase Fluufie from our Etsy store.

We’d love to see all your Fluufie creations. Perhaps even some fluffy flocks of Fluufies!! Be creative and feel free to share your creations and tag us on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram: @momomintsshop #momofluufie. We look forward to seeing them!

Happy Crafting!
~Marissa & Sami

  • whythisbox

    Love this!! ❤ Super cute! I might just take up crocheting for this! hehe

  • ju1ianne

    I love it!!! Thanks for the pattern <3

  • OMG THAT’S THE CUTEST LITTLE FLUFFIEE SHEEP! Thanks for the pattern! Can’t wait to try it out! 😀

    • No problem at all! We can’t wait to see the finished product when you do!

  • Felicia L

    Super cute! Question: How do you attach your tags to your animals?

    • Hi Felicia, we simply hand stitch them on with cotton thread. Thanks for the kind words!

  • Where do the beautiful tags come from? Do you order them separately?

    • Hi Kitty, all of our handmade amigurumi products come with a little Momomints tags so that people know that the product is handmade by us =). If you’re interested in our products you can check our Etsy store: momomints.etsy.com . Feel free to ask us any further questions!

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  • Anna

    I love the pattern! I’m currently making one for my friend. 😀 I do have a question though, how long do you keep repeating row 14 for until you close it? and do you close it with the 15 stitches for that row? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Anna, Thanks for trying out our pattern! You will keep repeating row 14 pattern (2 sc st, dec1) and notice that as you continue the sheep body will decrease in size. For example, row 15 will have 10st. Just keep repeating 2sc st and dec1 until there are about 5 st left. Then you can close off the sheep. Let us know if you have any other questions! 🙂

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  • Tarin Crowell-Mackie

    I have a Crochet and Knitting Sheep called Yarny, and I love Amigurumi, am I able to sell the ones I made? I want to link people back to this amazing page though! HE’S SO CUTE!!!!!

    • Thanks for asking us first =). We really appreciate it. Unfortunately, because we would like to offer Fluufie as a free pattern, and we also sell Fluufie in our own store, this pattern and the finish creations made with this pattern should not be sold. We hope that you understand =).

      • Tarin Crowell-Mackie

        Of course!!!! I totally understand! 😀 I love the pattern, so thank you so much for offering it 😀

  • fafinette

    Something go wrong with my try (and for the record i do lots of amigurumi) i think it’s because the head seems to be looking at the floor and with the pattern it stays right to the front. Any clue when assembling parts?

    • Hi! Thanks for trying our pattern. Try attaching the face to the body with pins to hold it in place while you sew it on. Also, you will notice that the face is not completely symmetrical because of the added stitches in the beginning of each row. Try to position the face such that the larger part is at the top.

  • Emma

    What size safety eyes did you use? Fluufie is ADORABLE!!!!

    • Hi Emma! Thank you for the kind words 🙂 we use 8mm safety eyes.

  • Judy Park

    This is really cute, and i want to make one. Thanks so much for this pattern. I hope you post more of your amazing amigurumi patterns

    • Thank you Judy! We hope you do get the chance to make one. We’ll do our best to make more patterns in the future =)

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  • Lisa Mills

    I can’t wait to make Fluffie! I was hoping to print the pattern but I’m not seeing a “printer friendly” button. Is there a printer friendly version?

    • Hi Lisa, Sorry we don’t have a printer friendly version available at this time. We will take this into consideration in the future.

  • grisy

    This is adorable!! Question, how did you attach the ears so that the initial end of the slip knot does not show?
    Thanks for the awesome pattern!

    • Hi Grisy,
      Thanks for the kind words! To hide the initial end of the slip know for the ears we use our yarn needle threaded with the initial end and poke it through the momoFluufie body where you want the ears to be. Then you will remove the yarn needle and attach the ears normally using the end yarn piece of the ear. We also have a process video on our youtube channel. Hope this helps.

      • grisy

        Thank you so much! I will def. Subscribe to your channel.

  • Samantha crocheter

    I love your pattern! Thank you very much for sharing it with us 🙂
    I just made two of them a blue one and a white one for my sister’s birthday and I am now working on a pink one.
    They are absolutely adorable! 😀

    • Hi Samantha,
      Thank you for trying out our pattern!! Those colours sound very cute! We also made a pink momoFluufie as well and we think it looks so much like pink cotton candy. Please feel free to share pics of your cute momoFluufies on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and use #momoFluufie. We’d love to see it 🙂

  • Just a guest

    i dont have cream colored pipsqueak yarn so i looked at your picture and there was a white one. I have white pipsqueak yarn… so what color do i use with the white pipsqueak yarn?

    • Hi, you can continue using the same colour yarn for the ears, legs, and face as listed in our pattern. The white yarn is just as cute 🙂 Thanks for trying out our pattern.

  • Harley

    Hi this is such a cute pattern! I am having trouble understanding how to make the face tho ={ it doesn’t seem to look right when I make it. It isn’t deep enough when I make it.

  • Lily

    Hi! I don’t understand the instructions for row 1 of the face. For the first sc st, am I supposed to crochet that into the second stitch from the hook? And by sc st around the foundation chain, does that mean when I reach the end of the chain (the beginning where the slip knot was) I turn it around and go back up? Sorry if my explanation of my problem is awful :(. Anyways thank you for this really cute sheep pattern ^ u ^.

    • Hi Lily, Yes for Row 1 you should start your first sc st in the second stitch from the hook and work your way around. Think of it like you are crocheting in rounds not rows. This YouTube tutorial explains it well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KZ5Ui-ywlI

      Good luck 🙂

  • Hi JiaJia, thanks! Instead of safety eyes you could use black beads or yarn for the eyes. Tag #momofluufie on instagram or twitter. We’d love to see it!

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  • So adorable!!! Thank you for the free pattern, I need to definitely try making this for my mother. She adores sheep. What Mint yarn did you use for this? I came across your website and love all of your other amigurumi. ^-^ I’d really love to see some other patterns.

    • Hi Ashley!

      Thank you for the kind words 🙂 We used the mint colour from Bernat Baby but Caron also makes a similar mint colour yarn too. You can also share your creation with us with the tag #momofluufie. We’d love to see it and we’re working on some new patterns too!

  • Emma

    Hi there! I was having some trouble with this pattern and was wondering if maybe i could have a few tips… When I make the body of the sheep my stitches are very visible through the fluffy yarn which makes it look less fluffy and kind of awkward, you can tell the different rounds apart rather than it looking smooth like a soft ball. How can I solve this?

    • Hi Emma!
      You can try using a smaller crochet hook and adjusting your gauge. Also, try not to skip stitches in between.